Reports of Meetings

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Jan 21 : Preventing the Malign Use of Bio-agents: Risks, Remedies, and the 2021 BWC Review Conference. – Dr. John Freeman

Nov 18 : In What Ways Does 21st Century Deterrence Differ from that of the Cold War? – James H. Wyllie

Jul 18 : What is the Scope for Trust in Relationships between Opposing States? – Prof. Nicholas Wheeler

Mar 18 : Comprehending Russia : What Russians Really Fear – The Very Rev. Prof. Cyril Hovorun

Jun 17 : The Now Inevitable Nuclear Ban Treaty – A debate between Paul Schulte and Steve Hucklesby

Apr 17 : Peacebuilding in Columbia and the Contribution of the Church – Bishop Juan Alberto Cardona

Jan 15 : Four Conundrums for a Just Warrior – Sir Hugh Beach

Nov 14 : Ethics and Intelligence – John Tolson

Oct 14 : The British Churches and the outbreak of World War One – Revd Dr Peter Howson

Mar 14 : The Future of Military Intervention: Drones, New Technology and their Ethical Implications – CM Wyatt

Feb 14 : Engineering Conflict: the Roles of Science, Industry and the Military in our Preparation for War – Dr Stuart Parkinson

Jan 14 : Can nuclear weapons ever be moral? – Brian Wicker and Dr David Fisher

Nov 13 : Augustinian Political Rhetoric and the Ethics of Targeted Killing – Professor Esther Reed and Discussion on Augustinian Political Rhetoric and the Ethics of Targeted Killing

Jun 13 : Limiting the Violence of War – Professor Christopher Coker 

May 13 : The Moral Economy of Interventionary Options – Professor Malcolm Chalmers

Apr 13 : The Morality of Drone Warfare – Dr Peter Lee

Mar 13 : The Ethics of Cyber Attacks – Thomas Rid

Feb 13 : Practising the Works of Mercy: Resisting the Works of War – Susan Clarkson

Jan 13 : Droning on Indiscriminately:  the Christian Citizen and the Dilemma of Modern Warfare – Professor Tina Beattie

Dec 12 : Do the British Notice the People Killed by Their Armed Forces? – Dr Dan Plesch

Oct 12 : The Challenge of Protecting the Innocent in War – Canon David Porter

Jul 12 : Secular and Christian Ethics and the Just War Tradition – Professor Lord Harries

Jun 12 : The Christian Right, US Politics and US Foreign Policy – Dr Neil Summerton

May 12 :  Questioning War – John Langan SJ

Mar 12 : The Challenge of Teaching the Military Morality – Major-General Patrick Marriott

Feb 12 : Cyber Security – Tim Dowse

Jan 12 : The Military Covenant – Major General Sebastian Roberts

Jul 11 : Britain’s strategic role – Sir Max Hastings and Note of Discussion – Britain’s Strategic Role

Jun 11 : Killing Osama bin Laden – right or wrong? – David Fisher and Martin Birdseye

May 11 : War against Civilians – Professor Beatrice Heuser

Apr 11 : Was Iraq an unjust war?  The Case against the War – David Fisher and Was the Iraq war unjust? No. – Nigel Biggar

Feb 11 : Preventing Abuses by the Military: the Ethical and Legal Context to Military Operations – Brigadier John Donnelly

Jan 11 : The Strategic Defence and Security Review – Professor Michael Clarke

Dec 10 : Should Soldiers be held Responsible for Participating in an Unjust War? – Dr David Rodin

Nov 10 : A Calamity of Errors: Mistakes, Myths and Illusions that have shaped Nuclear Weapons Policy – Dr Ward Wilson