2013 International Conference


Comprehensive Approach, Cooperative Security, Just War Tradition, Just Peace Concept


List of Papers

Just War in Modern Times? –  Professor Dr Michael Haspel

What is Wrong with Just War Theory? –  Dr David Fisher

Just Peace in an Ecumenical Dimension – Professor Dr Heinz-Gerhard Justenhoven

Comprehensive Approach – Challenges and Perspectives – Rainer Meyer zum Felde

50 Years of CCADD – An Appreciation

R2P: Relationship between Christian Peace Ethics and International Law – Professor Dr Friedrich Lohmann

Is R2P a viable doctrine in International Relations? – Tony Quainton

Human Security in Syria – Jan Jaap van Oosterzee

Current Challenges in Libya, Syria and Mali – Sir Hugh Beach

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Ethics – Kees Homan

Methodological Exercise in the Ethical Analysis of War Film Scenes – Dr Hartwig von Schubert

Berlin Report