2011 International Conference


Ten Years After 9/11 – The Lessons to be Learnt


List of Papers

Meditation 1 – Debt and the Reign of God: Global Economics and the Manipulation of Debt – David McLoughlin

Setting the Threat from Al Quaeda in Historical Perspective – Paul Schulte

The Gloves will have to come off: A Reappraisal of the Legitimacy of the RAF Bomber Offensive against Germany – Air Cdre (Ret’d) Dr Peter W Gray and The Gloves will have to come off: Response – Dr Albert C Pierce

The New Imperialism: Stabilization and Reconstruction or the Responsibility to Fix (R2F) – Anthony C E Quainton

The Future of Liberal Interventionism – David Fisher

What should the Post-9/11 Decade Have Taught Us? – Nigel Biggar

Facing Terror and Oppression – A Prophetic Voice from the Masses – David McLoughlin

The Impact of 9/11 on Developments in the Middle East – Rev Andrea Zaki Stephanous

Justifying Secret Intelligence: Arriving at an Ethically Defensible Position – Sir David Omand

Lessons for Peace after a Decade of Wars: Insights from the Ecumenical Convocation on Just Peace – Jonathan Frerichs

Ten Years after 9/11: Is our World a Safer Place to Live? – Central European Perspectives on Lessons to be Learnt – Teodora Kosturkova

Will the Human Disappear in Future Warfare – MG (ret) Kees Homan

Lessons for Counter-Insurgency Operations; Response – Counter-Insurgency and Just War – Hugh Beach