Discussion Papers

(Commentaries, talks and discussions.)

Kremlin Letters Review – Revd. Dr. Peter Howson

Further Reflections on CBW & International Norms – Paul Schulte

Full Remote Airpower – Paul Schulte

Can a Soldier Love his Enemy – Sir Hugh Beach

Probing the Biggar Line – Paul Schulte

The Church, War and the European Union – Brian Wicker

Threats and Opportunities for UK Arms Control

21 Problems with the Humanitarian Nuclear Initiative

Draft Covering Letter to Chilcott Enquiry

Iraqi Embassy Event – 6th June 2016

Morality and War (Oxford)

NATO New Security Challenges

Poetically Memorialising 1914

Psychodynamic Approaches to Conflict

NATOs Protracted Internal Nuclear Conflict

Proliferation Intelligence

CONAC Text – 28th January 2016

RUSI Journal – Final Version 2008

Austin Final 2013 Update

Nigel Biggar on Chilcot

Nigel Biggar on Trident

Nigel Biggar on the Somme

Nigel Biggar on UK Military Intervention in Syria

Nigel Biggar on Christian Ethics and Political Realities

Nigel Biggar on Iraq

UN talks on multilateral disarmament: you can run but cannot hide by Steve Hucklesby